Hoarding Cleanup

Dealing with hoarding situations can be challenging in more ways than one. Crime Scene Solutions has experience dealing with this situations and will come beside you to help you through it.

Excess Clutter

Whether caused by hoarding or just a storage area that has gotten out of hand, our expert cleaners can help you take your space back. We work with you to remove any kind of clutter and process things like boxes, debris, trash, etc. Our cleaners are trained to help no matter how much stuff you need removed and cleaned.

Deep Cleaning

No matter how much removal or cleaning that needs to happen before, we take extra steps to ensure that every part of the spaces we clean are clean fresh. This includes floors, walls, furniture, surface and even the air. Our expert cleaners go through great lengths to make sure every space we clean is absolutely clean.


Some of the most worrisome messes that we clean are ones that you can't even see. Our expert cleaners are trained to fully disinfect all types of surfaces using the latest techniques and tools. Ensuring that the space is disinfected ensure nothing is spread to people in the area and ensures contaminates stay gone.

Recover Valuables

When cleaning hoarder spaces or any other form of extreme clutter, there are often many things of value or even invaluable things that are mixed in with the items to be removed. Our expert cleaners are trained to look for and identify items that have been lost in clutter for far too long.

Animal Hoarding

Pets and animals can be some of the best things in a person's life, but when the number of pets increases, it can become a danger to the owners as well as the animals. Our expert cleaners specialize in cleaning up the many forms of mess that come with animals including furniture destruction, urine and feces, and even decomposition.

What is Hoarding Disorder?

People with hoarding disorder excessively save items that others may view as worthless. They have persistent difficulty getting rid of or parting with possessions, leading to clutter that disrupts their ability to use their living or work spaces.

Odor Removal

Our expert odor removers use Pure Air Treatment systems to clean and sanitize the air and surface areas. This results in a healthier environment and a fresh, clean smell that is your assurance of the effectiveness of this all natural process.


Lingering smoke odor can be one of the hardest smells to deal with in a house or car. There are many smoke removing solutions, but most are full of chemicals and artificial scents that cover up the smell for a short time at best. Our expert odor removers use a Pure Air Treatment system to clean and sanitize the air to remove odor and contaminants from the air.

Stubborn Odors

Some odors are harder to remove than others. Some odors can linger and simply not go away. That's when our expert cleaners can help! We investigate the origin of the odor and give our expert advice on how to solve the problem. We have years of experience and have dealt with the most stubborn of odors.

Mold & Mildew

The severity of mold and mildew cases can vary significantly. In some cases, the biggest concern is the look and smell that seems to never go away, but in other cases mold can cause health concerns for everyone that is exposed to it. Our expert cleaners have years of mold remediation experience and are ready to ensure your home or office is clean, safe, and healthy.

Pet & Animal Odors

We all love our pets and animals, but we don't always love the odors that come with them. Whether you are a pet owner looking to keep your home smelling fresh or you are someone who needs a home cleaned after pets have been there our expert cleaners have the right solution for you. No matter how bad the odor is, we have the technology and experience to get the job done.

Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils are at the heart of your heating and cooling system and all air passes through it. These coils can be the source for all kinds of odors and the reason your house "never smells fresh." Just one evaporator coil cleaning can birth new life into homes, businesses and vehicles in just one treatment. This process was developed by AZ odor removal LLC. It’s safe, highly effective, and leaves no harmful chemicals or residues behind.

Biohazard Cleanup

A biohazard cleanup can be on of the most overwhelming messes that our customers face. Let us help you with not only the cleanup, but also with dealing with all the challenges that an event like this brings.

Crime Scene

For people that haven't had to deal with it before, it can come as a surprise that once the police are done investigating a crime scene that you are responsible for cleaning it up. Depending on the crime and the extent of the forensics, you may have to deal with all types of chemical and biological contaminants. Let us come beside you and ensure that these concerns are completely taken care of.

Suicide / Homicide

It's a topic that is often hard to talk about, yet for many people it is something that they will have to deal with at some point in their lives. When there has been a suicide or homicide in your life, the last thing that you should be worrying about is having to clean, disinfect and make the area safe to be in. Allow our expert cleaners to take care of the practical things while you focus on yourself and your loved ones.

Blood Spill

Blood can be one of the hardest things to clean completely. This is because there are so many additional concerns above and beyond just removing the blood and cleaning the stain. Our expert cleaners will ensure that all contaminants and residue is removed and make sure to leave you with a clean and safe space.

Medical Waste

For medical facilities and an increasing number of people that are receiving home care, it can be a challenge to properly dispose of medical waste. Our team of disposal experts will help you fully understand what types of waste you are dealing with and help create a plan to remove the existing waste and keep up on all future waste that needs removal.

Feces and Urine

Cleaning and disinfecting a space that has been contaminated with feces and urine is not a simple task. Not only does the mess and smell need to be dealt with, but special care must be taken to ensure that any viruses and bacteria that are present have also been cleaned and eradicated. Our team of expert cleaners have seen situations like these many times and are ready to help you through this messy situation.

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